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By artist:
Elena Raceală

My name is Elena Raceală and I live in Constanta, a city located in Romania, on the Black Sea shore and  I consider myself a world citizen. 

"Photography is emotion. I can't say exactly how and when the click happened, but on one of my trips to Italy in 2013, on a rainy morning, I took the first photo. From that moment on, part of me lives through photography. "


•Honorable Mention at Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 /Street Photography •11 Nominees from The 7th Fine Art Photography Awards: 6 / Fine Art Category, 3 /Open Theme, 1 / Conceptual, and 1 /People. • Honorable Mention at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020/Fine Art • Honorable Mention at Budapest International Foto Awards 2020 /People - Life Style (Series)• Silver Medal at Montenegro 2020/ Category: Nude • Honorable Mention at Macedonia Circuit 2020 /Open Monochrome • First Prize: Art Limited Awards 2019 / Category: Sport • Finalist Black and White Photo Contest / Travel Category, One Eyeland Photography 2019 • Finalist 500px Contest: “What Lies Beneath” 2019 • 4th Fine Art Photography Awards / Nominee in Photojournalism 2018 • Finalist Photographer of the Year in Romania 2018/ Category: Street • Finalist Black and white Photo Contest / Advertising Category - Conceptual, One Eyeland Photography 2017

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