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How would you like to see the Portrait of your Pet on Fine Art Paper?

We all know – your pet cold be your best friend. It takes away the loneliness, brings down the daily stress and, most importantly, offers us unconditionally its affection and love. It also give us a sense of what responsibility and kindness mean. They say people with pets are happier than the rest of the world, right!

All over the world, the images of our pets are in the top of preferences on social networks. We just can't help but show others how cute and funny they are. Probably, we all pet owners wanted to stop time just to enjoy more happy moments in the company of our pet, whether it's a puppy, a kitten, or a hedgehog :)

Wondering how you can freeze time and capture these unique moments? Very simple - with the help of a photo camera. So, capture its unique personality with a dedicated portrait, which you will remember fondly and nostalgically as the years go by.

To get a successful portrait of your pet, here are some tips:

Focus on the eyes

The eyes are the most expressive to best reflect the character of your pet. So, if you want to create a successful portrait, focus on his eyes and unique features to create truly captivating photos.

Use a suitable background

Nothing makes your animal stand out better than a suitable background. Choose a simple one that contrasts or compliments your kitten's fur. Avoid loaded or brightly colored backgrounds that can easily distract the eye.

Use natural light

Very successful photos can be taken outdoors under natural light. However, if you choose to take pictures indoors, we advise you to be as close as possible to the window - open the curtains and let the light into the room. Also, make sure you don't have the flash on. We don't want to scare our pet, do we?

Take as many pictures as you can

The secret of a successful picture is to choose from as many as possible. Often, the expected result does not appear from the first shot. Either the light doesn't fall properly, or the framing wasn't right, or your pet needs some time to relax and get there. So don't be afraid to keep pressing the camera button.

Offer them a treat :)

Don't forget to reward your pet. Offer them snacks, toys, or hugs during the photo shoot. The pets will get in the mood and will reward you with great photos!

Now print on fine art paper!

You managed! You have a collection of images that capture moments of your pet that you can be proud of. But there is one more step to take. Don't just leave them on your computer, on a hard drive, USB stick and so on. Would be a shame! Print them out so you can enjoy it every time you go through the living room, kitchen, bedroom or wherever you choose to display these portraits at home or at the office.

And because your pet deserves the best, our recommendation is to choose a printing process and a paper that will really enhance the work done so far. With Fine Art Paper and the Giclée technique, you will be safe - you will have the expected result from the beginning and your prints will survive for decades. As you probably already know, these techniques are used by museums of the world to make exceptional reproductions of the paintings in their custody. The results are impressive !!! You are not convinced - give us a sign, or come and visit us in our studio in Bucharest and we can prove it to you!

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