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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

For two weeks during this sunny October, FINE ART VISION 20 / 20, exhibition of paintings and photography, has delighted the Bucharest public. The exhibition was organised by our studio, Fine Art Imaging in collaboration with five artists, clients of our studio.

We thank all those who came to visit the exhibition and those who supported in one way or another this event, especially in the context of the sanitary crisis, carrying on its own rules.

Hosted by ”Galeria Romana”, a true gateway to art, the five collections impressed us not only by the variety of artistic styles, but especially by the creative message that reminded us that art is an important part of our life and will be around us whether we continue to wear masks or not.


The participating artists animated the vernissages and surprised us with the sincerity of their testimonies about the journey from the white canvas to the completion of a collection with a theme and a meaning.

Jeanina Rat ceremoniously presented her debut collection « The Greatness of Yantras » where she made us discover symbols and meanings with echoes in distant civilisations.

Daciana Tarasi created a warm and welcoming space with her oil paintings on wood that carry a simple but a vivid message about the « creative power in us ».

Lavinia Falcan fascinated us through her alive colors and connection with the theater world. In her case, the plastic art is intertwined with the theater in an unique concept that you can explore at IMPROTECA.

In a friendly atmosphere, Stefan Surugiu placed us all around an imaginary round table and told us « how » and « when » and « why » and all these helped us, the audience, to discover the spiritual value of his work illustrated in his « minimalist » manner.

Serban Bonciocat, who unfortunately could not come to Bucharest, prepared a text for us, which recalls the testimonies of chroniclers from other times, to describe and present his collection « Rhythmic details, photography with architecture » a visual trip into places and buildings that mostly no longer exist.

For those who did not have a chance to visit the exhibition, you can watch a short video prepared by Senso TV that successfully captures the vitality of this event.

Observing with joy the echoes generated by our exhibition in the media , as well as the wide audience of young people at this urban event, we strengthened our conviction to repeat the experience and organise new editions of the event.

We invite you thus, to follow us and reserve time for the next FINE ART VISION 20 / 21

We will keep you informed of ideas and events from the world of Fine Art Imaging studio and we will continue to promote artists and their artworks. Thank you.

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