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We are on the same team!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Great news! Here in Bucharest, more and more people are becoming aware of “giclée printing” and what it entitles from an artistic point of view. Four years ago, upon our arrival, the term was practically unknown.

My name is Flavia and together with my husband Razvan, we have co-founded Fine Art Imaging, a boutique studio that offers giclée fine art printing to photographers, painters and visual artists. We like to think of ourselves as friends of the arts.

Without being artists ourselves, we have tried to use our background in physics and our love for visuals to help those who create beauty overcome the uncertainties that come with being an artist. Our passion has become our job and that in turn has become our business. One that supports artists making a good living without trivializing their beliefs.

fine art printing giclée - digital reproduction

We did our first digital painting reproduction back in 2009 when we were living in Prague. We started studying giclée and trying to find the best technology there was to ensure our work had consistent quality. We did not reinvent the wheel, but instead picked the one which best suited our needs. After hearing about Fine Art Impressions’ impeccable reputation we contacted them. They are a world-renowned reproduction studio from America. We worked together and trained with them and have successfully applied those same techniques for the past 12 years.

We have thoroughly enjoyed walking alongside artists during this time as they follow their paths. Together we’ve shared in their vision and marvelled at their work.We consider ourselves infinitely lucky to see the beauty of the world through their eyes.

We are not your average printing studio – we don’t sell; we loyally recreate what you, as an artist, have already given life to. Our contribution is to make your masterpiece available to a wider audience, by helping educate your public and by offering them a quality piece at a smaller price. Together, we make art accessible and open a whole world of beauty to people who may not have the means to afford the original artwork itself. We have the technique and the professional ethics, and you have the control - you decide on the number of pieces, and what their purpose and destination are.

Dear artist, we know your fears; we have noticed your passion and unwillingness to compromise when it comes to your work - you want a piece that does you justice and we are here to make it happen.

This blog is our way of showing our passion for the art world by sharing the inspiring stories of the artists that surround us. We intend to help guide artists towards better experiences and show them that success is attainable.

Together, we can develop an art community and become stronger.

We are on the same team!

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