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Giclée print on canvas with archivability period of over 70 years._98,80 X 98,80 (Golden ratio)

Printed on Hahnemuhle canvas 100% cotton with LUCIA-PRO pigments and UV protective varnish applied in two layers ; Stretched on wood chassis. The central symbol is recreated with gold paint,

The artwork is part of "The Greatness of Yantras" collection_Original art by artist Jeanina Raț

KAMALATMIKA's TREASURES - Giclée 98,8 X 98,8cm

lei599.00 Regular Price
lei529.00Sale Price
  • Shipping Info:

    It normaly takes around 14 working days to prepare your Giclée order. Once ready, you could either come to our studio in Bucharest and pick it up, or we could ship it to your door (details on costs and ETA to be determined)

  • Frame:

    Wrapped on stretching wood chassis 

  • Limited Edition of 20:

    A "Certificate of authenticity" signed by the artist will accompany your Giclée reproduction.

  • Yantra

    Kamalatmika arises out of a lotus from the cosmic ocean. Kamalatmika is Lakshmi among the Ten Wisdom Goddesses. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, beauty, fertility, love, and devotion, like Roman Venus and Greek Aphrodite who, like Lakshmi, is born from the ocean, but on a sea shell rather than a lotus. Lakshmi is the great Mother in her role of fulfilling all desires. She represents the water of fulfillment, the flowering of Divine grace and love.

    Kamalatmika nourishes and supports whatever we truly aspire to do.  She can be invoked both for ordinary worldly goals and for spiritual realization.

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