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Giclée print with archivability period of over 70 years._100 X 120cm 

Printed on Hahnemuhle canvas 100% cotton with LUCIA-PRO pigments and UV protective varnish applied in two layers ; Stretched on wood chassis. The symbol is recreated with gold paint,

The artwork is part of "The Greatness of Yantras" collection_Original art by artist Jeanina Raț

SHIVA's BULL - Giclée on canvas, 100x120cm

lei599.00 Regular Price
lei539.00Sale Price
  • Shipping Info:

    It normaly takes around 14 working days to prepare your Giclée order. Once ready, you could either come to our studio in Bucharest and pick it up, or we could ship it to your door (details on costs and ETA to be determined)

  • Frame:

    Wrapped on stretching wood chassis 

  • Limited Edition of 20:

    A "Certificate of authenticity" signed by the artist will accompany your Giclée reproduction.

  • Yantra

    Shiva is  one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe.

    Shiva forms a duality of cosmic powers at a manifest level as  the cosmic masculine force, 

    along with his complimentary Shakti or feminine principle. Shiva is the male, the fire, the mountain, and power of stillness, as Shakti is the female, water, valley, and power of action.  

    Shiva is the  central still point and Shakti is the turning of the wheel. Shiva is the root and trunk of the tree; Shakti is the branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. Shiva is  symbolized as a bull, or his vehicle is the bull (Nandi). Yet this is not the bull as a mere symbol of virility but the bull of dharma or cosmic law. The bull represents the spirit or the Purusha, the enduring principle of awareness which holds all things together and gives significance to all.   

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