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Baron Samuel von Brukenthal is back

The statue of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal is an initiative of Brukenthal National Museum to mark the 300th anniversary of the baron’s birth. It was unveiled on September 11th in Piata Mare in Sibiu, in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania.

The statue is made of bronze and is about 3 meters high. It stands on a baroque pedestal carved of volcanic stone (andesite). The artist, Deak Arpad from Oradea was chosen between the 21 candidates to submit their creative projects to the competition launched in January 2021.

“The statue of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal is not a monument of historical significance that differentiates us but a symbol of the cultural affinities that unite us”

National Museum Brukenthal , Sibiu

We can’t wait to admire it in Sibiu!

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