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How Are Giclée Art Prints Made?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Giclée fine art prints are widely adopted by art galleries, museums, private collectors, households and offices around the world.

Although the “making” of Giclée starts with specialised inkjet printers and modern rendering techniques, the quality of Giclées varies as much as that of art itself. The choice of the right Giclée printmaker is a challenge in itself, but in our opinion, it’s worth the effort.

To end up with the best result, each step of the process should be done in a professional manner. At Fine Art Imaging, we start with identifying the highest quality digital image available - find out more about our “Giclée making process

giclee art prints (tablouri giclee)

From the original to the reproduction

At Fine Art Imaging studio we focus on quality along each step of the process:

1. Digital file – retain the highest resolution digital image of the original artwork,

2. Color correction - get the closest possible to the original’s colors and appearance

3. Production – professional grade printmaking of limited editions or “print on demand”

Digital file

The most significant criterion of Giclée printmaking and what determines its final acceptance as a fine art Giclée reproduction is the quality of the digital image. Whether we work with an illustration created by a digital artist or a picture of a photographer, in order to qualify for fine art printing, the file has to have:

  • the right resolution

  • an even distribution of focus across the whole image

  • and a realistic lighting capture

When we start with the original painting, a professional digital capture is highly recommended. Fine Art Imaging studio employs the best-in-class technology, matched by a museum-quality digital capture workflow.

Color correction

This crucial step of the process is often ignored. From our many years of experience we learned from our collaborating artists the importance of upholding the integrity of the original artwork in terms of colors and texture.

In our color-calibrated environment, we create accurate proofs on actual production media and spend as much time as necessary to validate them with the artist. On selected media from a variety of rag premium fine art papers and canvas we print a detail at full size, so you are confident in the color accuracy and image sharpness before committing to the final print.


We explain and agree with the artist on production parameters like:

  • volume – limited editions and/or print on demand

  • dimensions – smaller, bigger or same as the original

  • media support – fine art paper or canvas, roll, flat or mounted

  • artist signature – dry stamp, hand signed, authenticity certificate

  • delivery & shipment – acid-free protective transportation wrapping.

giclee reproductions (reproduceri giclee)

Why choose Giclée art prints for your artwork?

Although Giclée art prints are not the cheapest option, they have significant advantages over other options like lithography or a commercial CMYK (4-color) print, especially from an artist representation point of view.

The effort you invest in creating an original artwork, either a valuable painting or your best shot among hundreds, justify the investment in fine art prints to boost your artist portfolio. Find out more about it here.

Whether you are already familiar with Giclée art prints or new to the process, our Fine Art Imaging studio is here to guide and help to obtain the desired result. Just write us a message and we will get back to you for a more detailed discussion as soon as possible.

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