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I would like a Vermeer or a Rembrandt in my apartment

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Okay, you're the kind of person who appreciates art. And yes, art has generally been associated for long time with wealthy people, so to speak. What we say, is that until recently, you could find artworks of established painters only in the high society mansions.

Furthermore, if you wanted to enjoy a famous painting, you could only do it if you went to a museum. At THAT museum that had THAT work. So, altogether, an expensive experience in terms of time and money.

BUT, things have changed. The Internet made possible the virtual tour of museums and art galleries around the world… from your couch.

AND, we agree, would be even more interesting to have at home the painting you like, artwork of your favourite artist, as an “art-reproduction”

Detail of The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn

Well, the reality is that there always have been art-reproductions. Either working on commission or just because they were inspired by it, some of these artists have created very successful replicas of famous paintings.

However, doing so, in some respects, could be difficult to achieve the expected result:

  • it could take a long time - because the artist obviously had to paint it again

  • the outcome could meet, or not your expectations depending on how talented is the artist

In addition - it continues to be a rather expensive experience.

Our recommendation, obviously, would be the digital reproductions using the giclée technique. This is what we do and we do it right! If you want to find out more about what giclee means, please refer to our weBlog (where we have published several articles on the subject)

As a recap, here are a few facts in these regards:

● the price of such a digital reproduction is lower than a reproduction made by an artist

● the whole process is short - from the moment you decide you want a Vermeer until you have it on your wall

● the reproduction is impeccable, no surprises! (if performed using the correct techniques and equipment)

Now, let's go back, briefly, to our title: Why Rembrandt or Vermeer and, why in my apartment?

The largest art and history museum in the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum, offers to the public a huge collection of high resolution digital files of artworks under public domain.

RijksMuseum tells the story of 800 years of Dutch history and gathers an impressive collection of artists and artworks, including Rembrandt and Vermeer, two painters who were part of the Golden Age of Dutch painting - a landmark in the art world. The collection of Rembrandt's works contains what is considered to be his greatest masterpiece, "The Night watch". As for Vermeer, you can find in the museum's collection works such as: The Milkmaid, Woman Reading a Letter, View of Houses in Delf and The Love Letter.

The Milkmaid - Johannes Vermeer

This is a general trend of democratization of art adopted by many museums around the world to allow free access to art to anybody interested. You could simply download the file of your favourite painting and print it with a Fine Art Printing studio as ours to decorate your apartment. You don’t have to make a trip to the museum or to invest a large amount of money to enjoy a famous painting of Van Gogh, Monet, Modigliani, and so on.

This can be easier and less expensive than you think.

Did we make you curious already?

Give us a sign and find out how we could help with your artistic projects.

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