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News and events – ART in time of Corona virus

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Art is all around us and will continue to be.

Doesn’t matter if is a drawing by your six-year-old child who sees the world in bright colors or is a heavy varnished masterpiece from Dutch Baroque Period, these will survive and continue to bring emotions to their admires.

In this unprecedented time for everyone, our daily routines are quickly shifting to adapt to a „new normal”. The artists, by definition the most creative individuals, have already begun to adjust to the changes and bring their practices online.

After a really simple research we were able to find several art related activities that could easily fit within your „stay at home status” and, at the same time, support artists and art during these times.

Here are just a few examples:

Online art classes: Selling is not the only way that artists support themselves. Many artists teach also and share their knowledge with pupils of all ages. As classes have already moved to virtual, the access is simple if you have a laptop and an Internet connection. Now you will be able to learn a new art skill or try your hand with a new technique – from home!

Gifting arts or commission with your favorite artist: If you have noticed empty walls around you during this quarantine, this could be a great time to contact your favorite artist and start-up a suitable project to decorate your space. A contract with a flexible window of time and an up-front fee or, buying a gift-card would be a good way to offer financial support to the artist and a great way to bring joy to yourself or a dear someone. These kinds of gestures will also bring up the optimism and the trust in a brighter, safer future.

Buy artwork directly online: As an art lover, you are not able to go to galleries in person and attend art openings during this virus menacing period. However, online art auctions and art sales continue to be conducted everywhere in the world. Your art collection could become more valuable with a click.

Attend concerts and museum galleries from your couch: Many museums and art galleries around the world have started several years ago to offer to the public virtual visits of art collections in a global effort to democratise art. Several museums and concert venues joined recently and opened their „virtual doors” and invited us all to be part of this „art sharing” experience. It sounds rather as an opportunity not to be missed!

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