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Office Paintings and Artwork Reproductions

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Your office, the space where you spend your professional life, should reflect the company values and communicate a positive message to your many stakeholders stepping into this environment. Office paintings are an excellent tool to help reflect your organisational values.

Unfortunately, original artwork could exceed the budget allowed on decoration and raise some new security issues. The best alternative would be a giclée reproduction.

Any artist who understands the value of a professional reproduction and wishes for her artwork to receive better exposure throughout a wider audience will be happy with this option.

office paintings
Limited editions of oil painting reproductions

Fine Art Imaging can be the right studio to make printing your favourite artwork reproduction a reality. The artist can protect her original and keep it for the right art collector. Meanwhile she can sell or rent giclée reproductions which will preserve the emotion of the original and could be admired every day in your office.

How to choose your office paintings:

Just because you enjoy a particular artwork doesn’t always make it the right choice for your working environment. You should consider first and foremost the result that you are aiming for.

Any work of art has an influence on the space atmosphere and the emotions of people in the room. Along these lines, here are a few examples to consider when you are looking for art to decorate your office:

  • An artwork that inspires peace and quiet to smooth out a stressful environment,

  • A dynamic picture that motivates the team throughout movement,

  • Inspirational illustrations to boost professional creative activities and initiatives,

  • A space frequently visited by your clients could display an image to suggest how helpful your organisation could be in its area of expertise etc.

As a result of this exercise you will identify the specific „requirements” of a space and start looking for the right artwork and the right quality.

Whether you decide to go with a fine art printing of a digital image or the whole process of painting reproduction, Fine Art Imaging Studio will guide you along the way. We will make sure to deliver flawless quality giclée reproductions as the best alternative to owning the original(s). Find out more about our process.

The influence of colors:

When designing a professional space, the choice of colors will contribute to the image that you intend to project. For your managerial office for example, you can choose from your brand’s colors palette the ones that appeal to you and emphasise the mood you’re trying to create.

After all, your office is where you will be spending a lot of your time, the place where you need to be productive and prepared for the eventual business challenges. The setting of your workspace, including wall colors and office paintings, will contribute to your professional performance and to the impression you make on your external stakeholders.

office paintings
Oil painting reproductions at your office

Choosing the right office paintings will go hand in hand with the color range displayed within the space. They will have both aesthetic and emotional value.

By using high quality pigments combined with best-in-class technology and fine art media choices, the Fine Art Imaging studio consistently succeeds in recreating the vibrant colors and artistic expression of the original.

Promoting contemporary artists:

In many ways, deciding to put artwork on display in your office is also a commitment to endorse:

  • contemporary artists,

  • the artistic community and

  • art education.

This is a smart choice on several levels – not only you will get to embellish your space but it will also attract the sympathy and support of your community.

Painting reproductions mounted on a hallway with a lot of office traffic can be a very simple and effective way for you and your company to support the art community. It is a manner of providing exposure to an emerging or established artist and create an inspirational example for other businesses to follow.

Give your office the sophisticated look of an art gallery – economically! Fine Art Imagining studio can help create a work environment surrounded by art by offering museum-quality giclée reproductions and fine art prints. Get in touch to find out how we could collaborate and take your projects further.

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