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Thank you note - Fine Art Vision 20/21:

The second edition of FINE ART VISION, exhibition of paintings and photography, captivated the interest of Bucharest public for three weeks during this surprisingly sunny November. The event was organised by our studio Fine Art Imaging and our collaborators and achieved to present to the art lovers:


under the umbrella of


We thank all those who came to visit the exhibition and those who supported in one way or another this event, especially in the continuing context of the sanitary crisis, carrying on its own rules.

Hosted by ”Galeria Romana”, a true gateway to art, the content of FINE ART VISION 20/21 was impressive as variety of artistic styles. It also reminded us that art is part of our life and will stick around whether we continue to wear masks or not.


The artists animated the vernissages and managed again to surprise us with their sincere words about the journey they take starting from the white canvas up to the completion of an art collection, with a theme and a meaning.

During a bright Saturday, Irina Neacsu welcomed us within her capsule of time "Ne-Uitare", a collection of delicate watercolors on paper and vellum. Rooted in her childhood and teenage years spent in Bucharest, these botanical artworks reunite the emotions of warm memories with the ephemerality of springtime flowers and summer fruits.

In a very cozy room, surrounded by a friendly public, Elena Raceala revealed to us the stories behind each of the black&white photograph presented as part of her collection "Tomorrow is another day". We all listen very quietly to catch every word of her testimony and find out why, and how, and when, the photography became her passion.

We also found out that within every capture of her camera Elena carefully engraves a feeling of hope :)

For those who did not have a chance to visit the exhibition, you can watch a short video prepared by Senso TV that successfully captures the high quality of artwork presented by Fine Art Vision 20/21

We maintain our conviction to repeat the experience and organise new editions of the event.

We invite you thus, to follow us and reserve time for the next


We will keep you informed of ideas and events from the world of Fine Art Imaging Studio and we will continue to promote artists and their artworks. Thank you.

Final Note: as Christmas is just a few weeks away, you can discover at "" a special gift for the remarkable people in your life.

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