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Canvas paintings - Digital art printed in high resolution

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

How about personalizing your living space with canvas paintings? These digital canvas prints are modern alternatives to classic prints, photographic paper or to standard posters. Be aware though, printing quality varies as much as the quality of art itself, so take your time to find the right printmaker for you.

If you are looking for a premium solution that takes digital art to the next level, it's time to discover Giclée prints! This is an advanced fine art printing process for creating high quality digital art that will last for a lifetime, guaranteed. The quality that Giclée (jee-clay) fine art printing can attain makes it widely adopted by museums, private collectors, households and offices.

Canvas paintings

The real value comes from the details:

This is a valid statement for many domains of our lives, and it’s even more true with visual arts. Nowadays each of us have hundreds if not thousands of digital pictures on our phone, our tablet, or our laptop. Be it a cute snapshot of our dog or a beautiful sunset in Spain, some of them deserve a longer life than the popular sharing on Instagram or Facebook. But which are the ones make it worth investing in a giclée canvas print?

Let’s start with the digital file:

Beside the emotional value, your digital image file should have a high enough resolution for the desired printing dimensions. Raw or tiff or png or jpg format, RGB profile compatible are recommended.

When your digital image has the required high resolution, luminosity and contrast, giclée prints can provide an incredible level of accuracy, down to the smallest details visible to the human eye. Lights, shadows, colors, textures, all combine in an outstanding way and become faithful reproductions of reality, right here in your room!

Giclée are more than canvas paintings, more than digital prints:

The recipe for a valuable fine art digital canvas print (giclée) should always include the following ingredients:

  • high resolution of image

  • inkjet printer with pigment inks

  • archival quality media (acid free) – find more about it in our article

  • ICC-compliant media profiles and printing workflows

What should I expect when ordering a digital canvas print?

Think of the “ready-to-hang-on-the-wall” artwork piece:

  • as a painting, it should come with large enough margins (white or color extended), ready to stretch on a wooden chassis. You could afterwards consider a frame as well.

  • if you show it as a photograph, there can be small margins or no margins at all. It would be mounted within a standard or custom-made frame, with or without a passe-partout.

Important note:

A giclée fine art printing studio would always apply an UV protective varnish on canvas prints. That is, unless the canvas is of “no-lamination required” quality. This will protect the print, add to its archival value and will also eliminate the use of framing glass.

At our studio, we apply Timeless, a Breathing Color water-based, rapid-dry varnish, especially developed for fine art prints.

A life full of color and freshness:

It is undeniable that art has an effect on all of us. The progress of inkjet printing technology put giclée prints at the top of the list for people who collect and enjoy visual art.

500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci said: “In life, beauty disappears. In art, it doesn’t.”

By bringing beauty into our world, we can influence our mood and our perception of our living space. Mounted on the walls of our working or living environments, giclée canvas paintings will not only “catch the eye” but will also preserve their visual appearance for a lifetime.

Find out more about the giclée premium standard and ask for a quote at our studio Fine Art Imaging!

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