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Giclée Art Reproduction & Your Art Collection

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Fine Art is much appreciated by many of us, but not everybody can afford to bring home the original artwork that has caught their eye. That is why many artists chose to offer „limited editions” made of a series of reproductions of the original artwork.

Numerous museums and art galleries (including the Metropolitan Museum of New York and VanGogh Museum) have successfully adopted giclée art reproductions. Some of these are displayed as part of the art collections while more and more are offered to the public for sale.

Of course, no respectable art related institution would settle for less than a museum-quality giclée reproduction, with the following main characteristics:

  • closest replica of the original in terms of tones of colors and texture;

  • archivability value, which consists of the preservation grade of the giclée resulting from the combination between the media support and the pigments used for fine art printing.

Our studio, Fine Art Imaging, makes a reliable collaborator and we can help with the creation of museum quality digital fine art reproductions. As a proud promoter of contemporary art, and especially of our studio’s collaborating artists, we have recently started a dynamic collection of Giclée art reproductions crafted by us. Our Giclée reproductions retain the power and emotions of the originals and create the opportunity to share the artwork with a larger public.

As a result of the high quality and relative scarcity, a limited edition of giclées are valuable as soon as they are signed / certified by the artist. They will gain value over time (as the artists acquire more and more recognition) and will add to the value to the original artwork as well.

Consider the example of the Artmark Auction scheduled for February 2nd, 2021 , which offers graphic artworks signed by Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt. Believe it or not, these are part of limited editions of reproductions from the nineteenth century!

The controversy of reproductions:


  1. we should agree on the fact that the original artwork is unique and reflects entirely and exhaustively the artistic view of its creator;

  2. the quality of the replica of the original artwork could only be as high as „the next best think after the original”

  3. being created as limited editions, numbered and signed by the artist, a certain value is attributed to reproductions (It is comparable to the dynamic between a live concert and the recordings of it).

Giclée reproductions are nowadays widely adopted by art galleries, museums and private collectors and could be indistinguishable from the original artwork. Giclée fine art printing quality varies as much as art itself, so take your time and find out the right information about the piece you intend to acquire:

Is this an original artwork? OR is a reproduction?

If it is a reproduction try and determine at least:

  • is signed or certified by the artist?

  • is this part of a numbered limited edition?

  • what is the present value of the original?

You can find out more about the topic on Fine Art Imaging WeBlog

Your private Art Collection:

We know the feeling. A piece of artwork awakes your emotions, and you have to have it. If this specific artwork is for now in the custody of a museum or an art collector, or simply too expensive, an affordable solution would be to purchase a fine art giclée painting at a fraction of the original’s price.

Giclee art collection

The archivable value of a museum-quality giclée print captures a life-time worth of such an investment (asset). The attention to detail and the virtually identical colors will retain the emotions of the original and will give you the joy to own another beloved piece of art.

By choosing to collaborate with our studio, Fine Art Imaging, you are assured of the highest quality of the reproductions you commission. This is our area of expertise and we took pride in meeting and surpass your expectations. Note that we could also mediate the acquisition process between you and the artist.

Contact us today and find out what you were missing from your art collection. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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