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Interview with Jeanina Rat

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

For two weeks during this sunny October, the "FINE ART IMAGING 20/20" exhibition of paintings and photography delighted the Bucharest public.

This special event presented the concept of “Giclée fine art print” and exhibited under the same roof different artistic styles of five contemporary Romanian artists, all clients of our Fine Art Imaging studio.

Starting this month, we will publish a series of interviews with these artists and allow the public to discover more about them and their creations.

Today, we present the story of Jeanina Raț, who, in a solemn and ceremonious manner, revealed her debut collection “The Greatness of Yantras

Opening Jeanina Rat at "Fine Art Vison 20/20" exhibition

Who is Jeanina Raț – a few words about her and her artwork

Jeanina Raț, born in Satu Mare, is currently a teacher of visual arts and practical skills in Bucharest. She studied at the “Aurel Popp” High School of Fine Art in Satu Mare and graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca (UAD). She also holds a Master’s degree in textile arts.

When and how did you start?

Following an interior design course in 2014, I realised that I wanted to be an object creator more than a decorator. Then, painting a few yantras commissioned by some of my customers (in line with their preferences) I realised that I have many ideas about how I could make these ancient symbols known in a modern, decorative way.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I read, I document myself, looking for various symbols in traditions and legends. „The Symbol” is the starting point of my work and then I leave myself guided by my feelings, intuition, synchronicities, dreams.

"The Greatness of Yantras" - digital reproductions by Fine Art Imaging Studio in Bucharest

What artists you admire and why?

I would mention first Salvador Dali because his works are symbolically very rich. I also admire Victor Vasarely’s work for the optical, decorative effect.

What is / was the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was acknowledging my own style which relies on rigor and perfection of the detail, including the rightful application of the gold ratio (sacred geometry).

How did you find out about Fine Art Imaging studio?

These days, many activities are carried out online and reach the audience at an incredible speed. Naturally, I want to share my paintings in this way and multiply what I create. Simply put, I wish my creations to reach as many households as possible.

Thus, I confidently adopted the idea of a digital library of my works and of offering to my public limited editions of reproductions besides the original artwork. As the Fine Art Imaging studio specializes in museum-quality digital art reproduction, the effort to identify them was relatively straightforward.

Why did you choose to work with Fine Art Imaging?

Quality is the key word. Quality in the products offered, in communication, in collaboration and in vision.

How was the Fine Art Vision 20/20 exhibition?

More that I wished for: teamwork, professionalism, excellent collaboration with the Fine Art Imaging studio.

What is the most interesting / challenging project(s) for next year?

To complete the collection “The Greatness of Yantras” with other female deities from the ten Mahavidya and to participate in art exhibition(s).

Thank you Jeanina and we wish you success in your future artistic projects and of course, we look forward to admiring your upcoming paintings.

Flavia Parvu,

Founding Director Fine Art Imaging

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